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A unique method for processing emotional baggage! It is a tool created by Tony Mills (Energetic Wisdom “EW”), called the Living Lens It provides a method to release negative feelings from the depths of your being and empower oneself with positive formulae for accelerated growth. A sacred geometrical pattern etched into the disc that creates a vortex to institute, focus, amplify and transport healing intent to the source of negative feelings. Your deepest feelings are like the ocean. Your positive intent is like the sun. The sun can only melt away or evaporate negativity that has been releases to the surface and into the atmosphere (your aura).

How Does it Work?
Energy (Muscle) Testing is used to uncover the issue. Your body does not lie and will go weak or stay strong according to your own personal truth. What is good for you keeps you strong.
Living Lens is used to Release the issue, sweeping from the heart chakra out through the aura and into the cosmos. Replace with empowering positive intention (reprogramming) while sweeping in a front an rear swinging movement of the arms infusing the entire being (flowing through the micro – cosmic orbit).





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